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    Up Coming Dates:

    • Kentish School: 9th and 10th of September 2017
    • MVPC Trial Ride Rally: 24th of September 2017 (At Smith and Other's Road) 
    • MVPC Meeting: 20th of September 2017 
    • MVPC Dressge and SJ Day: 1st of October 2017 (At Ketish Pony Club Grounds) 
    • MVPC Fernpark Rally: 14th of October 2017 
    • Fernpark Shield: 22nd of October 2017 
    • Zone Dressage and Show Jumping Champs: 29th of October 2017 
    • Warnock Shield: 6th of November 2017 (At Leven Pony Club) 
    • Sirius Shield: 12th of November 2017 (At Mersey Valley Pony Club) 
    • MVPC Rally: 18th of November 2017 
    • Kentish ODE: 19th of November 2017 
    • North West Eventing Hickstead: 26th of November 2017 (At Mersey Valley Pony Club) 






























    Welcome to Mersey Valley Pony Club 



    About Mersey Valley Pony Club: 


    In October of 1963 Mersey Valley Pony Club was formed and joined the North West Zone. Since the establishment of the club many riders have progressed through the grades wearing the distinctive brown and cream uniform. Mersey Valley Pony Club prides itself on being a family friendly club that adheres to 'Play by the Rules', which is a government initiative promoting fair play for all. After all, sport should be fun. inclusive and safe. Mersey Valley Pony Club aims to promote safe, inclusive, fun, team supportive and friendly horse riding and handling. The club wishes that all members progress at their own rate, but doing so in a responsible horse manner, to achieve their own goals. Working closely with the ambitions of the members, Mersey Valley tries to ensure that all needs are met and training is provided by quality coaches.


    Our 2017 Executive Committee sees some new and old faces. We thank all those who had previously held roles in the executive committee, it is not always an easy job to manage and run a club as a group but Mersey Valley continued to thrive under the leadership. It is with great sadness that we wish to thank those who have chosen to take a break from their roles, or maybe even a break from pony club, your service has not gone unrecognised. We would now like to welcome the new executive committee. 

    President: Sally Oakley 
    Vice President: Bianca Lambert 
    DC: Lucinda Alexander
    Vice DC's: Carole Coates and Belinda Oakley
    Secretary: Heidi Behrans 
    Treasurer: Tracey Maney 


    Membership Information: 

    Membership information and further details can be obtained from the DC. Contact details can be found in the tab "Contact Us". 
    Members of all levels and riding ability are accepted and catered for at Mersey Valley Pony Club. Offical riders must be under the age of 25 to compete for the club, however, Mersey Valley happily accepts adult members (over 25 years of age). For more information inregards to membership classification, please e-mail Lucinda or the Club. 
    Membership forms can be found in news updates. 



    Mersey Valley prides itself on having a vast range of uniform options, however, offical riding uniform is as follows. 

    Formal uniform: Brown jumper with white stripes in bands, white shirt, brown and white tie
    Saddle Cloth: Brown with white binding
    Cap Cover: Brown & white quarters
    Active Top: Brown with white collar, two white stripes across the chest and arms, and logo on the chest.

    We offer both rain jackets and soft shell jackets, these can be worn between events, however, can not be worn during an event unless the hosting club allows coats to be worn. 

    To organise or find out more information about uniform please contact Belinda.Oakley4@gmail.com 
    Orders must be given via e-mail, and should consist of the order form. The form can be found under news.



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    Memembers need to notify the DC, via 0436 340 855, e-mail or by replying to the facebook event (with name and horses name).
    Any concerns related to groups please contact the DC to discuss. 

    Newsletter and Website Contact


    Belinda Oakley 






    Meetings MVPC


    General meetings are usually held on the fourth Wednesday of the month in the clubrooms at Maidstone Park, 7.00pm.  All welcome.








    Membership of MVPC is open to all riders up to 25 years.

    Adult riding membership is also available.

    Contact the DC. 

    Uniform Officer


    Belinda Oakley 

    0438 702 904 

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