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    Mersey Valley

    Site Address: Bay Drive 
    Maidstone Park 
    Postal Address: P.O. Box 2027 
    Email merseyvalleyponyclub@gmail.com
    Website www.merseyvalley.pcat.org.au
    Phone 0436 340 855
    Incorporated Yes
    AGM date August
    EFA affiliated Select
    Maximum number of members Unrestricted
    Local council yes
    Ground ownership Local Council
    LandLord Name Devonport City Council
    Ground ownership comment Ground leased from local council
    Jumper colour Brown with white bands
    Tie colour brown with white stripe
    Saddle cloth colour brown with white binding
    Rally uniform colour Active or Formal Uniform is accepted at all rallies.
    Usual rally day Sat. or Sun.


    Name Position Email
    Bianca Lambert Club Vice President biancalambert24@bigpond.com
    Heidi Behrens Club Secretary heidi.behrens@utas.edu.au
    Carole Coates Club District Commissioner phillandcarole@bigpond.com
    Mandy Loone Club Assistant District Commissioner
    Suzanne Andrzeiczak Club Certificate Co-ordinator suezak@bigpond.com


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