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    Contact Us

    We ask that majority of correspondence in is done so via e-mail or text message to the club number (Club phone is for issues that involve the DC only, as the DC holds the club phone). 
    We request this as it leaves a definite paper trail and can be replied to as the person has time. 


    General, non-specific to the person, enquires can be made to merseyvalleyponyclub@gmail.com 

    The club phone number is: 0436 340 855 

    Any matters involving club related issues or conflict should be sent to the President, so they can action the matter or take it to the executive for further advice. This should be put in writing and given in person or via e-mail. No complaints should be sent directly to the DC - they should all be submitted to the President first. 

    Sally Oakley 


    While matters concerning group allocation, instructor issues or matters, approved gear enquiries and matters relating to qualifying should go to the DC. 

    Lucinda Alexander 


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